Update from Saturday 5th December. By Matt Cambourne

We had our annual Christmas do on Saturday at the Masons arms at Williton.
We also had a lengthy council meeting to discuss various items including the recent announcement on
D832 which will return to the East Lancs Railway in 2016. There will be a finale during the June Mixed
Traffic Event so a last chance for enthusiasts to travel behind this fine machine on the WSR.

Meanwhile the team have been busy working on D7018 to get the locomotive to perform correctly.
There are various issues identified now as testing properly gets underway with the engine running.
Namely the driveshaft between the engine and transmission. Unfortunately the shaft is not in as good a
condition as previously thought. It will need replacement at a cost of a few thousand pounds- big money
for the group to fund over the coming months.

Various work was undertaken on Saturday to try and get the loco to function correctly in direction and to
get the transmission to react correctly. Progress is good but this gradual build up testing will take a
while. It is quite possible the loco will not be ready in time for the June Mixed Traffic Weekend.

Meanwhile Ian was busy working on parts for D6566, which is gradually being re-built following its recent
bodywork overhaul.