Update 6th June 2017. By Ian, Terry and Graham

Gala prep was in full swing last weekend.
Apart from work on the locos the shed floor has been repainted and the gully in front of the Goods Shed
has been cleaned out to help prevent flooding.
The refurbished seats have been fitted in D6566 so as it can be open to the public over the weekend.

Some pictures of progress on locos below including D7018, D6566 and D9526.

Terry reports on some good progress over the last couple of weeks on D9526:-

Week No I  :- the brake frame containing air compressor and air tanks was  removed from the loco to
allow access to the generator, the engine bay has had a paint refresh,
Week No 2 :- after a maximum effort by the team, the generator bolts were removed and the life expired
generator was lifted out and a refurbished generator was lowered into place and alignment set.

Photos below, top three from Graham of D7018 and D9526 inside the main shed.
Middle set by Ian showing the work on D6566 and on clearing the gully by the goods shed.
Bottom set from Terry showing the work over the last couple of weeks on D9526 as described above.