Update Thursday 7th January

Some updates on locomotive status as well as more on the work done last Saturday.

Current loco show stoppers at the start of January 2016.

D7018. We need to purchase a main drive prop shaft for around £5000. The existing shaft is not currently
fit for purpose. It is hoped that this will be resolved before. too long.

D6566. The loco has arrived back from its work at Cranmore but now needs a team of volunteers to help
re-build the engine.

D1010. The loco needs a loaded test run following various work done recently. Currently work on the
railway precludes this run from taking place for a few weeks yet.

Loco status is updated for the other locos which is pretty much unchanged.

Diesel running dates.

Various dates have now been agreed but at this time loco allocations have not been agreed.
First few dates of diesel running are 14th May, 21st May, 4th June and 5th June.
A full update will be provided when we know more about the allocations.

Diesel Driver, Secondman and engineering skills

Remember we always welcome new volunteers to the group.  Did you know that as a fully paid up member
of the group and active  volunteer at Williton you could learn to become a member of the footplate staff in
charge of our diesels working on the west Somerset railway? Drop us an email if you might be interested.

Depot visits

On Saturdays Williton depot is open to visitors from 1000-1600. As a working depot a guide will be
provided for insurance reasons.

Updates from last weekend courtesy of Ian.

D7018 – John Cooke and Neil M have been methodically resolving the electrical issues experienced so
far.  Martin H is gradually unravelling the mysteries of a Mekydro K184u transmission and spent much time
perusing the available technical literature.

D6575 – With the loco back at Williton over the Christmas/New Year period, Winter maintenance has been
undertaken. This has so far included:
Cleaning or replacement of oil and fuel filters.
Main/Auxiliary generator, control cubicle and auxiliary motor examinations.
Topping up battery electrolyte levels.
Renewal of the rotating shaft seal on No.1 exhauster to reduce oil leakage and hopefully improve
There are still some more activities to perform including increasing the antifreeze concentration and a
possible battery issue to investigate. I might even get back to rebuilding the engine on D6566 one day!