Update from 2nd and 3rd September by Martin Howard, Philip Izzard, Ian Robins and
Graham Perry.

The Old Oak Common Open day was a great success last Saturday. Attached photos kindly sent by the
above individuals of D7017 starring alongside many other locos at this great event.
D7017 has now been moved on up to the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire where she will be
appearing at their upcoming Diesel weekend this weekend before returning home to the WSR.

Back on the WSR, we have had our late Summer weekend which was a success. D1661, D6575 and D1010
all made star turns over the weekend with no reported issues.

We still have plenty of loco running days left in 2017. Saturday 23rd September will see D1010 working its
last passenger train of the year on the Maybach Memories train. We are pleased to report the train is still
running though has been subject to some minor retimings due to an incoming HST charter:-

11:05 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead 12:25
13:30 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard 15:05
15:20 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead 17:02
18:00 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard 19:00

Below Ian has provided an update on the Cromptons including more on the recent issues with D6575.

D6566 – First job on Saturday was to re-fit the beam that goes across the engine room about half way down
and gives support to the roof.
This had been left off in case there were any cylinder head problems but was only reminded it was missing
last weekend when I came to check the engine room lights!
Will, Ross and Leroy assisted with this.
Following this Will then removed the drop down engine steps one at a time for cleaning and has painted the
outer faces Rail Grey, the side that is walked on will be painted black.
The wonders of the marker light wiring has been explored and at length I got No.1 R/H one to work.
The L/H lamp does not seem to be getting a positive supply although the feed end of the cable TLLH is live.
Unfortunately may need the drivers knee well fairing taken out again to rectify.
At No.2 end I managed to get a feed at the end of both supply cables but still no illumination!
Further investigation will be required but may also need the knee well fairings removed to sort out.

D6575 – Following the test run on Friday 18th August, surely things must now have been sorted?
But no! Following a few more days operation with no problems, I got a call from WSR driver Paul F at
Minehead on Thursday 24th August informing me that the batteries had stopped charging again prior to
working the 15:30 departure and the train had therefore been caped.
Damn! But having removed the loco from the train and gone to shed Paul then informed me that charging
had cut in again. So this time I convinced control that as charging had cut in it would now be “latched” and so
the loco then worked the train as an ECS to BL at the end of services with no further problems.
On the Friday, the driver was none other than new DEPG Chairman Martin Howard.
I had informed him of the situation and also that the loco owner, Clive, was intending to come down and
check things over. So on Friday, Martin called and informed me that charging had again not cut in following
starting but in fact the Reverse Current Relay (RCR) had correctly engaged whereas the Battery Charge
Contactor (BCC) was still open. Now that put a different perspective on things as it had previously been
considered that the problem was with the RCR not picking up, a common problem on 33s, and not with the
BCC where problems were virtually unheard of, until now it would seem!
So I asked Martin to trip the Main Generator Field MCB and then open the power controller thus causing the
engine to rev but without putting down power. Sure enough, battery charging cut in and the loco then worked
its train to Minehead without further incident. Cutting a long story short, whilst at Minehead Martin and Clive
did some investigation and found that the BCC was in fact sticking, a situation improved by the application of
WD40. However, it was also considered that the BCC operating coils were also a little weak.
A temporary work around was introduced to allow the loco to remain in service by the provision of a wooden
stick to “prod” the BCC contacts if they failed to close automatically.
But luckily a replacement BCC was sourced courtesy of the  71A Loco Group and I collected it from Swanage
during the week, thank you James.
The loco did the Goods Train on the Saturday of the Late Summer Weekend but the train was cancelled on
the Sunday as one of the brake vans ran a hot axle box and they were having difficulty finding a guard.
So the opportunity was taken to change the BCC.
John Cooke and me performed the operation and we confirmed that it pulled in correctly when cold and also
when starting with it hot. So the job has been signed off. The old contactor has been partially stripped down
on the bench and the coils have been removed for re-winding. It will be refurbished and held as a spare.
Hopefully that is now the end of the saga................  Some initial investigation into AWS re-instatement has
been done on both Cromptons. On D6575 it was already known that the AWS wiring to No.1 end is missing,
the loom was destroyed in the fire that ended its main line career and not replaced to date but the EP valves
complete with bases and the No.2 cab bell are safely stored in the container.
The relay box is still in situ but the power converter suffered from water ingestion and was removed, this will
need to be replaced. On D6566 the wiring to the relay junction box may be an issue due to having been
disturbed during the bodywork repairs.
A full ring-out will be required to sort out what is and isn’t there.
However, I had a look inside the relay box and it actually appears to be in good condition.

Below we have an excellent selection of photos from the OOC open Day.

Below that some Class 33 shots to go with Ians report above.