Update from last week on the Class 33's- By Ian Robins. 8/7/16

D6566 – On the Saturday Will assisted me in fitting a replacement “wishbone” oil feed pipe to No.5 cam
followers. The original one having broken right off on one side.  We also replaced the complex five way outlet
pipe from the fine oil filter with what turned out to be the original one.  The one that had been fitted must have
come from the spare block and would not seal properly probably due to a misalignment.
A start has been made on painting the under-slung air receivers and Dave L gave the first three a coat of
special metals primer. On Sunday, Andy P and me completed the exhaust runs right up to the turbo.
Next time it is hoped to finish the inlet side.

D6575 – The loco worked the booked DDEC course on the Saturday.
It is planned that it will visit the GlosWarks Railway for their diesel gala from 29th to 31st July and will therefore
be withdrawn from 10th July so that it can be prepared ready.