Update from Saturday 4th March. By Ian, Martin and Matt

We are pleased to report that some new DEPG branded polo shirts will be available shortly to purchase.
Its been a few years now since we did our last merchandise campaign, so please support this if you are able
as funds raised will go to the group.
The first order has been placed with the embroiderers and the results should be with us shortly. Martin will be
sending me some pictures of the completed item for publishing on the website in due course.
They are available in the BR colours of green, maroon and blue, and we have priced them at £20, which will
generate some much needed funds to help the maintenance of our locomotive fleet.

If you are interested, please send an email to
wsrdepg@yahoo.com so we can gauge interest.

Work continues to be progressed on D6566. Ian reports on Saturday Will finished painting the compressor
and the result is quite effective! He also helped me sort out two good Class 33 radiator elements from store
and remove the first of the three leaking elements. Initial impressions suggest the problem with that one
appears to be a leaking seal as I had suspected. Just need to remove the two sheared studs now and I have
sprayed them with WD40 and knocked them around with hammer but they still seem well stuck at the moment
so will try again next weekend.

In other news we will be making an announcement shortly about 2017 Diesel Running Dates and an exciting
new venture for this year. We are awaiting final details before we go ahead and publish the whole years
running dates plan.