Update from Saturday 6th May by Ian Robins and Matt Cambourne.

The first weekend of Maybach memories was eventful sadly for the wrong reasons on Saturday!
D1010 failed during the afternoon on the Saturday, a problem traced to welded start contactors at B
end and D6575 completed the diagram. Unfortunately D7017 also had issues with an exhauster.

There were some heroic efforts from the team to get the problems fixed and sure enough D1010 was
duly fixed for Sundays running. D7017 also had an exhauster swap undertaken.
Sunday was a success and now D1010 is being prepared to work another train next Saturday at short
notice to effectively operate a "relief train" connecting out of a HST charter at Bishops Lydeard.

Meanwhile Ian updates us on the latest progress on D6566. Initial brake testing the previous week
had revealed a blow from the DSD timing valve flange.
During the week and it had suddenly occurred to me, it is fitted upside down!
Having compared things with D6575 to confirm the situation I told Will and before I had even got into
the loco myself he had remedied the situation so he is learning fast! Air was put into the loco and it
was confirmed this has done the trick. CTMS must have removed the valve at some point.
The Starting Contactor EP valve was blowing so was removed and re-seating of the internal
components cured this also. The windscreen wipers are going to be rather challenging!
In all cases the motor seems to work but the arms do not move. The first one tackled was No.1 S/M
side and this revealed the spindle did not come through far enough to engage with the spline adaptor.
The only way this could be rectified was to cut away some of the internal fibreglass panelling and
chisel out the wood underneath so that the motor went in further. Following this it now works, only the
other three to do! Ross, Thomas and new lad Phil have given the top and flat sides of the fuel tank a
further coat of black paint prior to re-fitting.

Photos below from Leroy Ford (top three) and Ian below those.