Update from Sat 9th July. By Ian Robins.

We will have several additional announcements about running days and a full loco by loco update shortly in the
meantime please find attached an update from Ian.

The DDEC Worked Saturday as planned. On Saturday and Sunday D7017 Worked the running days successfully
as planned.

D6566 - On Saturday, Will and me fitted the elbow section between the turbo and inlet manifold.
A large O ring was used in the clamp joint same as on D6575.
The joint between the two manifold sections was always a bit of a problem to seal due to distortion of the ends.   
Previously some gaffer tape wrapped around under the clamp was used but this time it has been decided to try
silicon sealant. This means that the air inlet manifold is now complete.

The exhaust stack has now been prepared ready to fit with the six threads for the cowl and grille cleaned using a
M10 tap.  Previously it was only held in three positions!  A suitable gasket material between the stack and turbo
will have to be procured. Will has cleaned the inside of the fuel gallery and made an excellent job of it. I never
knew it was painted that colour! The injector leak-off pipework can now be fitted.

D6575 - The Serck fan hose that was found to be leaking has been taken to a company in Yeovil for repair.  The
corresponding hose from D6566 has been “borrowed” in the meantime.It seems some kindly people (Martin H and
Graham I believe) changed the remaining brake blocks on No.2 bogie last weekend whilst I was on holiday.
So that has saved my fingers for the time being!
One slack adjuster was found to be seized and had to be changed but luckily a spare one had been prepared
ready to use.