Update from Saturday 7th May. By Jon Tooke and Ian Robins.

Jon writes:-

The WSR Driver Experience Course was running on the Saturday with the course participants using
the class 33 and the heritage freight train. Seen at Williton around lunchtime on an overcast afternoon,
the train departs on its down journey to MD.

Inside the shed at Williton, the repair of the body sides of the Hymek continues with Mark the welder
cutting out the corroded areas and fabricating and welding into place the new sheet metal.
The new pieces are given a coat of Bitumastic paint to help to prevent premature corrosion in the

The Crompton internal rebuild continues and recently the new turbo was hoisted into position by the
overhead gantry crane in the shed. Other views show the areas  inside the class 33's engine room with
pipework disconnected as work continues.

Outside, Leroy is seen attended to one of the filter cover doors on D1010s roof. These have been
painted shut for a number of years so it is good to see them opening and closing again.

Some excellent photos attached from Jon below.

Ian writes:-

D832 -  Performed faultlessly over the four days of the Swanage Diesel Gala. The DEPG team on site
consisted of Neil M supported by John Cooke and Bob C. A good loco line-up including the Warship
certainly pulled in the crowds and the glorious weather helped as well!     

D6566 - With help from Leroy, Darren and new volunteer Will the roof section was moved along and
the turbo has finally been installed. Will then helped me fit the remaining coolant pipework and extract
some more components from the containers ready for fitting including the exhaust stack and lubricating
oil pipework. It just needs a new piece of flexible hose for coolant filling valve and the vent pipes
reconnecting before the cooling system can be filled and leak checks performed.
Hopefully that will be done next weekend.