Update 10th October. By Ian Robins and Matt Cambourne.

Thank you very much for supporting our Diesel Running Season in 2017 as things are now drawing to a
We have just one running day left, on Tuesday 24th October where D6575 is covering the DMU
Maybach memories has been a great success this year, we have seen D7017 and D1010 cover a number of
trains over the year drawing in extra customers to the Railway.
We will have an update in due course regarding the 2018 running season, hopefully a Diesel Gala will
feature in June along with some further running dates.

From the shed not a great deal to report update wise, last weekend we have had the Autumn Steam Gala so
activities were a bit restricted with large volumes of visitors around.

Ian has provided an update on D6566 from last weekend and the first weekend of October.

It has been the Autumn Steam Gala so were a bit restricted what we could do due to the public being on site.
But Andy continued his cleaning of the cubicle and Will has painted the drop down engine platforms black on
the top side as well as applying Rail Grey along some of the conduits and other areas.
The fibreglass BIS cover had become damaged at some time resulting in the extra material put on to
strengthen around the handle slot coming off.
So I have replaced this with a piece of UPVC left over from my replacement facias and soffits earlier this year!
Seems to do the trick so will see whether it can also be painted in due course.
A blow from the secondmans side windscreen wiper was also investigated and found to be a crack in the
body of the control valve.
Some RTV has been pressed around the affected area and will check whether it has been effective once it
has set, hopefully by next weekend.

Ironically switching of the rostered loco on the Maybach Memories service from D7017 to D1010 left us
without a driver so the expected test run on Saturday had to be cancelled.
But Will and I then took the
opportunity to sort out the drivers side marker light in No.1 cab.
Having thought that it could be accessed by
just taking out the driver’s knee well fairing we were soon disappointed and the DSD pedal box had to come
out as well!
Then having got the cover off of the conduit box on top of the lamp assembly, the problem was
immediately apparent, both cables were taped and stowed.
The holder was also damaged and unfortunately it was all found to be riveted together so the rivets had to
be drilled out.
A suitable replacement lamp holder was located in the electrical store and with Will outside
inserting the new holder I fitted the nuts to the bolts on the inside, no rivets this time.
Flying leads were connected to the lamp holder and in-line crimped them to the existing cables.
A lamp was put into the holder, lighting changeover and Marker Light switches to on, and the lamp
Then we just had to reassemble everything.
About four hours work to get that light working.
In the other cab, Andy decided to sort out the temporary
cable that had been run down the edge of the draught screen to the cab light switch.
At length he managed to get the edging trim off and ran the new cable up through the rebate that CTMS had
put in.
Andy is also putting sealing material to fill the gaps around the headcode boxes to prevent light
There is a loaded test run provisionally booked for Wednesday 18th October but I would still prefer if some
initial lighter testing is conducted beforehand.