Update 11th March from previous two weeks. By Ian Robins.

We have had a quiet couples of weekends due to the bad weather. Nobody made it to the Depot on the 3rd
however Ian was down on the 4th and pictures below of a very snowy Williton.

Somerset was particularly badly hit by the bad weather.  

Ian has provided a brief update on D6566 from the end of February.
D6566 - Following cleaning and treatment with anti-tracking paint, Andy and I fitted the brush boxes back into
the generator on Saturday.
So on Sunday after checking things were back together correctly Graham assisted me to start the engine.
Once started I cleaned the commutator with a stone and fibreglass stick.
The brushes sang a bit initially due to having been disturbed but quietened after about an hour.
Power was taken without any issues so I refitted all the covers.
The insulation resistance was measured after running and it had increased to around 2 Megohms so quite
So basically we are now ready to test again.