Update 11th December 2018. By Jon Tooke, Ian Robins and with photos from the Late Summer
Weekend by Josh Brinsford.

Jon has provided an update from last weekend.
On Saturday it was back to work on the locos and work continues on the 47 down the Swindon shed
prepping it for a repaint plus an internal deep clean. Natalie has been busy cleaning the field diverts      
( cleaver electrical  wizardry that makes it go faster the more you open the power handle!) inside
the loco while Andy and the team clean out some of the more awkward nooks and crannies around the
cant-rail height grilles.  Meanwhile myself and Harry continue with the removal of 50 plus years of
accumulated dirt and grot from the solebar areas in readiness for the primer coat.
On the Hymek '18, Neil and John have managed to cure the problems with the pre-heater and worked
wonders in making some 1960's electro-mechanical devices work with 21st century electronics!
Following a successful test run of the preheater saw the loco started up for a short while in the
afternoon.  Outside in the yard, Crompton '75 got a full underframe deep clean with the steam cleaner
by Ian in the meantime Tom was cleaning the metal floor plates from inside the loco with strong
detergent and high pressure steam.

Ian updates us now on the Class 33's. Also below are three photos from the annual Christmas Dinner.
D6566 – Currently the WSR on-hire loco.  Investigations into suspected fuel dilution in the engine
lubrication oil are continuing.  Arrangements on the cylinder heads had previously been examined and
all found to be in order.  This has included replacement of all original solid injector leak off pipes (a
known source of trouble) with flexible hoses, a modification that has been incorporated on many Class
47s. Then more recently Will and I examined the High Pressure Fuel Injection pumps with engine
running and found No.7 and 8 to be blowing from the vent holes in the base.  After a couple of minutes
running liquid, presumed to be fuel, was also noted to be issuing from the vent on No.8 pump.
Fuel leakage from the pumps can run into the base and past the cam followers into the oil, therefore
both suspect pumps have been replaced (see picture).
Engine running showed the replacement units to be running cleanly so an oil sample has been taken as
a datum and sent away for analysis. A further sample will be taken in around 40 to 50 hours running for

D6575 – On Winter maintenance.  Will and I changed the fuel filter elements and cleaned the coarse
strainer.  The coarse oil strainer and crankcase breather strainer were also cleaned.   

Finally Josh Brinsford has sent us a few photos from the Late Summer Weekend on 1st September 2018
to remind us just what nice daylight and weather looks like!