Update from Saturday 13th January. By Ian Robins.

Much work going on across various projects.

D1010 – Gordon and Leroy continue their overhaul of the brake cylinders.

D7017 – The loco has been moved inside the shed so that Terry can remove the exhauster that has run the
season with vanes made from a new material for assessment and exchange it for an alternative unit.

D7018 – Graham spent the weekend working on the cab underfloor electrical trunking.
The corroded sections from ‘A’ cab were cut away and the remains are basically unrecognisable from their
former usage!  In ‘B’ cab the trunking has been rebuilt and following re-joining of some cables by John Cooke
the new covers were fitted and that cab is now almost ready for fitting the floor and seats. The trunking in ‘A’
cab will be similarly rebuilt.   

D6566 – The first attempt at sealing the leaking flange on the settling tank had failed so following “phone a
friend” the previous weekend, Leroy had managed to clamber underneath the loco and disconnect the radiator
drain pipe. But difficulties were still experienced in freeing the large balance pipe so due to lack of a pit it was
decided to most wantonly cut an access hole through the bedplate. The pipe arrangements were actually quite
simple once you could see them! Once the under floor fitting was unscrewed removal of the balance pipe was
then relatively easy and was taken in onto the bench to be cleaned and a new gasket made. The flange/gasket
was re-assembled using Hylomar to avoid any further problems and the connecting hoses fitted.
Plain water was initially put into the radiator and the only leaks we found were actually from the under floor
fittings. So things were drained again, the thread sealed with a thicker layer of PTFE tape and the fitting packed
with grease. On Sunday all the stored coolant was pumped back from the IBC into the loco and no further leaks
were apparent by the time I departed so it has been left in. A plate will be made to go over the hole in the
bedplate in due course. Progress has been made with the replacement exhauster.
The other half of the fan housing has been fitted using bolts removed from the old exhauster.
A trial fitting of the end plate and bearing was also performed and it all spins freely so hopefully will be ok.
The motor stator needs to be flushed through with electrical cleaner and the rotor likewise cleaned
Then the motor can be fitted and with a set of vanes we might be in business!