Update from Saturday 8th April. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

On shed work continues on D7018 which is currently being prepped for a full repaint.  D9526 engine work
continues as well with the engine being removed from the loco. The engine bay now needs to be cleaned
and painted before the replacement can be re-fitted.

On D6566, the loco has been prepped so it can be moved to BL for a pit exam, hopefully next weekend.
Will and Ross re-fitted the two inside radiator panels and got a coat of Rail Grey paint on the crankcase
doors. The drawhook and axlebox guides were cleaned and greased, both screw couplings were freed and
oiled as required and the centre castings were greased.
I managed to convince Will that he could check the suspension tube reservoirs as he is young and thin
enough! All were topped up as necessary, surprisingly little was needed after four years since they were last
checked. Gear case MOTAK levels will be checked when over the pit as the caps were too tight to free off
from ground level. On Sunday, the Feed Cut Off Valves were examined which meant removing them from the
loco two at a time, carrying them back to the workshop for attention and then back again for re-fitting.
Two spare ones were fitted in No.1 cab as I could not get the filters out to clean on the ones that came off.
Something to sort out in slow time.

Have a look at our diesel running dates page, we have updated to include details of the gala visitors and
confirm home fleet locos in use for this exciting event in June which will also see a "real ales trail" taking place
which is sure to be very popular.