Update from Saturday 8th July. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

Terry reports excellent progress on D9526 with the overhauled engine being successfully craned in to the loco.
Various people got involved with this task and thanks are passed on for this. Some photos below. An excellent
step forward on the overhaul.

Meanwhile Ian has some mixed fortunes to report on another overhaul project- D6566.  
Myself and John Cooke assisted by Ross and Thomas started the loco and put it through a Control Sequence
Test as per the manual.
The classic Class 33 problem of broken studding in the cubicle was found during the process but we got there
in the end! The reverser contact tips also had to be cleaned with a file as we were getting spurious wheel slip
detected thus stopping the engine from revving.
But eventually it ran up and down the yard under its own power for the first time in four years.
The ATP governor will have to be changed, I spent some time trying to adjust it with Thomas applying and
releasing the brakes but had to give up.
But unfortunately No.1 Exhauster decided to destroy itself!
The picture shows the situation after removal of the oil tank, a large piece of the casting has broken away.
No idea what caused it at the moment but we may be able to build up a replacement exhauster using spares we
have around and re-using the motor and oil tank from the old one.
Brackets will be needed to adapt to the existing mountings.
No.2 exhauster works fine though.

Top photo showing exhauster damage
Below photos of D9526.