Update 13/9/17.

D7017 has been busy on her holidays taking in the Great Central Railway appearing at their recent
Diesel Gala. Graham has sent a selection of photos of her out and about across the Railway.
She now returns home to work a final running day on Saturday 30th September (the last day of the
Maybach Memories trains).

D1010 meanwhile picks up an extra duty and will work both the 23rd and 24th Septembers Maybach
Memories trains.

Back on the shed Ian has provided an update on D6566/D6575 below.

D6566 – During initial investigations into the marker light wiring the previous weekend, an earth fault on
the negative side of the lighting circuits, wire LN, was apparent.
So this Saturday I soon tracked down the fault and found it was on a wire between the under floor
terminal block and light switch in No.2 cab.
Due to difficulties in getting cables down inside the draught screens, a replacement cable by-passing
the faulty one has been run down the outside for the moment, will see if something neater can be done
in the longer term.
Have also corrected reversed polarity that was found on that circuit so now the positive rather than the
negative line is switched.
As the weather precluded outside working, Ross and me then looked at the cab heaters and we found
that not only were there bad crimps on some of the feeder cables resulting in the cable pulling out but
some of the elements were mounted incorrectly.
Also, in No.2 cab unsuitable cable had been connected straight to the elements and that has been
changed for Polyrad rolling stock cable.
Once all sorted, we started the engine and confirmed that all 8 heaters are now operational.
On Sunday, weather was a bit drier so I had another look at the marker lights.
The ones at No.2 end that would not work last week were checked first.
One was found to be a defective bulb that had been brand new out of a packet and on the other side it
was found that the mounting sleeve on the holder had moved by 90 degrees so was not making contact.
This was corrected and both No.2 marker lights now work.
The drivers side one on No.1 cab is not getting a positive feed so will unfortunately need the knee
fairing taken out for access.
I noticed that the cooler group rain water drain on one side was blocked.
Unfortunately when I removed it to try and clear it broke up due to corrosion.
It has been replaced by a length of reinforced plastic hose.
Some further cleaning and painting is required in that area!
Also included is a picture of Will’s efforts on the engine drop down platforms from last week.

D6575 – This loco has been earning it’s keep over the past few days giving rear end assistance to
Flying Scotsman which had been experiencing adhesion difficulties during its visit to the WSR.
No reported battery charging issues so hopefully we have finally solved that problem with the
replacement BCC.

Below we hope you enjoy the selection of photos from Graham of D7017 on the "GCR", also some
photos below that from Ian to accompany his latest update.