Update from Saturday 14th Jan.  By Paul Tucker and Terry Deacon.

Paul reports on the various activities of the day.
I repaired a faulty working lock on one of the doors on D7017, this was a priority as it is now sitting out in the
yard. Graham replaced one of the door locks in the shed to reduce the number of keys that we all carry.
A task that has been outstanding for some time. I replaced a ring of bolts mounting the air intake belows to
the turbo, on both turbo chargers in D7018. These had been requested to be changed as they were not up
to the chief engineer's standard.
The Hymek was preheated and started as an antifreeze solution had been placed in the loco during the week
and our engineer wanted to run the engine to allow this solution to circulate round the engine, and he wanted
to make some adjustments to the engine governor.
Neil McCannon and John Cooke successfully wired up two new battery charging sockets so the loco can
once again be charged without having to pass the lead into the locomotive and Martin Howard was sorting
out the brake pipwork that I removed at the last work week, with a view of reinstating it. Colin Girle cleaned
and painted the engine flywheel for D9526's replacement engine, while Terry Deacon was working on the
pipework for the same engine. Ian was working on replacing an old and leaking flexible pipe on D6566 whilst
a couple members of his team were cleaning and painting panels.

Terry has sent in some photos from Saturday.Gordon looks on as Colin has painted the replacement
flywheel, many of the shutdown control system's piping is being replaced as it was damaged and lost from the
original engine.Leroy and Darren look on as our skilled electrican's repair a light bulb in their trusty steed!!
perhaps this year we shall see him pass his motorcycle test !!!