The first photo update from the Gala. By Jon Tooke, Simon Purvis and Matt.

Jon has put together some words about how the gala went for him.  

The 66 and 56 on Saturday were conducted over the WSR metals by DEPG driver Graham Perry and I was the
second man (well forth actually if you include the driver and the owners representative also in the cab!), and it
was a super day out and it was a treat to have a ride in a 'new' loco rather than a fifty year old one!
I managed to get a few snaps of the locos at either BL in the compound, where I also shot the NJ shuttle train,
or at MD awaiting departure time.

At WN the Warship rolls in with John Cook at the controls with secondman Terry Deacon requesting a top up in
the 5 gallon oil drum to be ready for the back working. D1661 rolls in from MD on an 'up' working and the class
33 with a commemorative '90' in the headcode reporting number box waits to cross the 47.
Harry Hymek, accelerates away from WN with a mid-morning 'down' train.

On Sunday, completely unannounced to the outside world, we fired up the Western, attached her to the class
33 and its train and went off to BL on a test run at 08.50! Driver Harris was in the seat with JT as the
secondman. Travelling fitters Martin H and Bob C were keeping a watch on all the mechanical bits.
Once we left WN, word soon got around and we noted a few more photters with every mile we covered.
A storming run to BL proved that many months hard work by the DEPG were not in vain as the loco proved its
worth once again. Looking splendid in a fresh coat of Maroon paint the Western certainly looked as good as
ever seen in the yard at DEPG WN, and seen again at CH on the 'down' working. The back working was just as
sprightly as the outward journey with no faults reported. At WN we took 'Campaigner' off the train as planned
and rolled her back into the yard for the days visitors to have a look at.

All in all, a thoroughly great weekend for the group with no reported faults on the locos and no late running
attributed to us either!

First batch of photos by Jon
Photos below by Simon
Photos below by Matt