Update from Saturday 14th October and Work Week Update. By Matt and Ian.

On Saturday 14th we had our second to last Diesel Driver Experience course operating with another
four participants.
This train started off by going to Bishops Lydeard due to the freight train being already at Williton       
(we normally collect from Minehead) and because there was also a steam enginemans course running.
Overall a nice day and the course participants enjoyed the experience as usual.

Saturday was also the start of work week.

Back at Williton work continued to be progressed on D1010, D6566, D9526 and D7018.
D1010 has clocked up over 1100 miles year, this is the highest figure for several years now and the
good performance of the loco is testament to the hard work the team have put in to improve its reliability.
At the time of writing it was expected to undertake another test run this week during our "work week" to
ensure all okay before being stood down for the winter.

D9526 was receiving attention from Terry Deacon on shed. D7018 was also being worked on.

Progress on D6566 continues to be made as Ian reports below
With a good team assembled, the test run finally took place on Tuesday 17th October.
With Robin F driving D6566, Paul T on D6575 as “insurance” and Martin acting as roving secondman,
we set off from WN to BL with D6566 doing the haulage. An able support crew consisting of Leroy, Andy
and Ross was also on board. First job was to go over the pit at BL and check the Traction Motor
Gearcase MOTAK levels. Only No.2 needed topping up. Then with D6575 at the north end and D6566
on the south end we took 7 x Mk1 coaches to MD and back top and tail fashion, again D6566 providing
the power where required. The loco generally behaved itself with plenty of power available and very
clean exhaust! A few oil leaks to be sorted out and some other minor odds and ends.
The major issue found was a blow between No.1 cylinder head and liner that will require the head to be
re-torqued. This is one of the heads acquired from Romania but that is probably not significant.
It may be wise re-torque all of the heads as a precaution, final decision required.
Amongst other things the oil will need to be changed and antifreeze added to the coolant before the loco
re-enters service. Oh, and there’s the little matter of the exploded exhauster to replace!

Some pictures below of D6575 on the DDC and D6566 test run.