Brief Update 14/10/18 By Andy Royal.

A brief round up of a few items and projects.

We are approaching one of our two annual work weeks 20th-28th October where hopefully some of the
jobs will be pushed ahead before the Christmas period.

Class 52 D1010: Further dismantling has been taking place with a view to allowing the transmission to
be lifted out.

Class 47 D1661: Now in the Swindon shed for external re-paint, which won't take place until the warmer
weather returns. Meanwhile, the internal cleaning and painting has commenced, starting at the No 2

Class 33 D6566: Currently at MD on standby for the WSR.

Class 33 D6575: This loco had the benefit of a wash and polish along one side last weekend, so the
other side needs to be done (the weather is unlikely to allow this to happen). This loco is booked for a
traction motor exam to take place over the pit at Bishops Lydeard on Sat 13th, so preparatory work
needs to be done, including the gathering of tools and materials.

Class 35 D7017: This loco is fully serviceable and will be in use later this month and next, for some
special duties. The new electronic AVR has now arrived and will be fitted to the loco at some convenient
point in the future, after completion of all 2018 duties. The new AVR will significantly reduce the risk of
equipment damage in the event of a fault condition arising.

Class 35 D7018: Cab floor painting has been taking place as this loco makes progress towards test
readiness. A BL-MD-BL path has been booked for Wednesday 24th October so that a loaded test run
can take place (this is during the autumn work week). This will involve a set of coaches (to be collected
at BL) and another loco (TBD) as "insurance".

Class 14 D9518: Work continues on the frames (in the Swindon shed), in preparation for the removal of
the wheels.

Class 14 D9526: Now at the South Devon Railway, being prepared for her appearance at their diesel
gala, to be held over the weekend of 2nd to 4th of November.