Update from Saturday 15th August. By Ian Robins.

D1010 – The loco went to BL for an underframe examination and greasing over the pit at BL on

Opportunity was also taken to test the recently fitted refurbished engine and apparently all was
generally satisfactory.

Will the loco now see usage this year? Better wait and see!

D832 – Following replacement of the large leaf springs on one of the bogies the previous weekend, the
loco ran to Norton Fitzwarren for turning on the triangle so as the remaining springs can now be tackled.

D6575 – The loco also visited the pit at BL for a Traction Motor and general underframe examination.  
All was found to be satisfactory.

D9526 – The Class 14 worked the booked diesel turn on both days over the weekend not finding the
three coach train to be challenging.