Update 15th August. With thanks to Andy Royal.

Some updates below this week on the various locomotive projects.

D1010: The loco is in the South yard and is now undergoing investigation for the "B" end transmission issue.

D1661: Still residing in WN shed on No 3 road, undergoing roof repairs.
We now have a path forward for restoration of the cooler group louvres.

D6566: On No 1 road, undergoing attention to the electrical issue that caused it to be replaced by D9526 on the
DDEC a few weeks ago. A new battery box is being manufactured by WS Restorations and should be
available next week, if not sooner. The aim is to get the loco back in service as quickly as possible to support the

D6575: Currently supporting the Railway operating trains.

D7017: The loco has returned to the Railway after the successful GWR Diesel Gala. She has several
appearances planned for this weekend. On Saturday on the usual diagram and then on Sunday she will haul the
QB dining train.

D7018: Ongoing work continues to get her completed.

D9518: Now in the Swindon shed, receiving attention from the WS Restoration team.

D9526: All good after some recent runs including providing banking support to a special several weeks ago.