Update from Saturday 10th December, by Matt, Ian and Paul.

On Saturday we had our usual excellent Christmas meal at the Masons Arms in Williton. This year it was a
fairly small number of the team due to a variety of other things going on but we still had a great time.

During day Paul reports some work was undertaken on D7018. We have had a small leak on the
underneath of the cooler group. Last time I was down, assisted by Martin Howard and I tried to resolve the
issue, and whilst we cured most of the leaks we did not cure them all so I was faced with climbing into the
Dynastarter tunnel which is a tight squeeze as along with the Dynastarter there are two cardon shafts a
heat exchanger for the serck system and multiple pipes, then you need to kneel on the locomotive steel
floor and try and get a spanner on the pipe fittings which due to the lack of space you can only turn the nut
a eighth of a turn before using a different spanner to turn it another eighth and so on. I removed a series
of pipes to get at the spot which was leaking. You always have to remove more than you actually need to
jut to get to the required pipe or fitting, and then with some assistance from Terry Deacon, I then refitted
the pipes. Hoping this time I have managed to solve the leak issue.

Also Ian reports on the Class 33 activities for the day.
D6566 - Will and Thomas have continued painting of the engine room, the TM blower and end of the
generator group receiving attention today.
D6575 - It was reported that the No.2 driver’s rear cab heater was not working and an investigation
revealed that the element had burnt out.
This is one of the new elements that were ordered about four years ago so has not lasted very long.
As we have no spares of that type one of the old style elements has had to be re-fitted.
Hopefully it will be a one off incident.

Photos below from Paul showing the new oil store area, recently installed in the main shed.
Then some photos of the "gang" during the Christmas meal from Ian.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy Christmas and a good New year.