Update from Saturday 12th May. By Ian Robins

D1010 – New batteries have been fitted greatly enhancing starting performance. A recurring reverser
issue is currently under investigation. Leroy has polished the paint work so the loco now gleams again!

D1661 – The contract repairs to the badly corroded roof sections continue.

D6566 – Following it’s impromptu entry into service the previous Saturday when it had to replace
D7017 at short notice, the loco was used on the Diesel Experience Course the following weekend.  
This gave the spectacle of two 33s crossing at Williton as sister loco D6575 was working the booked
brown timetable turn.  The re-instated AWS is causing some interest amongst crews!

D6575 – Currently the WSR “Thunderbird” loco.  The 33 worked the brown timetable diagram on
Saturday 12th May and has also been engaged on the annual “clear up train” running on evenings
this week. The exterior of the loco has now become rather work worn so a repaint is likely to be on the
cards in the not too distant future.

D7017 – The loco was rostered for the first of the Saturday brown timetable turns on May 5th but
unfortunately suffered an electrical fault and was replaced by D6566 at Williton part way through the
diagram.  The problem was resolved by “borrowing” the Automatic Voltage Regulator from D7018,
unfortunately setting that back a little.
However, the loco was now fit to undertake its guest appearance at the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala
and moved there by Allelys Heavy Haulage low loader the following Tuesday.
The Hymek ran on all four days of the event including the Type 3 preview day on the Thursday where
due the non-appearance of the booked Class 37 and the resident Class 33s being tied up on other
duties was the only Type 3 available that day!
Driven by Neil with technical support from Bob C the loco performed faultlessly over the weekend and
proved to be a good ambassador for the DEPG and WSR being popular with both passengers and
crews alike.