Update from Sat 13th February, by Paul Tucker covering the latest on D7018.

(above photo shows the loco climbing Washford bank a month or so before it suffered its
catastrophic engine failure in 1995. By Gary Lemon).

Work on D7018’s transmission testing (Gearbox) continues along with other major parts.
With the engine running the transmission was manually operated going between forward and
reverse and through the gears, ie 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th   and then back down and the
movement was getting smoother and easier to operate, which is good news, then with D7017
attached and acting as an anchor drive was selected and there was a satisfying clunk.
It is great having two Hymeks couple and both running.

Work has started to convert the old oil wetted filters to a modern fibre filter. This starts
gingerly looking at the construction and risking damaging part of the filter casing to remove
the old material and having done it on the first one without significant damage the remaining
5 were quickly attended to in a similar method. The casings now need cleaning and then the
best method of retaining the new filter material needs to be devised which will enable easy
access as the filters will need to be inspected and replaced where necessary, on a regular

With the restoration nearing completion a start has been made with the repainting of all the
internal cab desk panels, most of which had been removed in A Cab by the electricians who
needed to access the electrical components in the desk. Although easily said this involves
cleaning off the old paint which on the front side is a plastic type material, the priming the
material and then undercoat and top coat all of which takes time to apply as it takes time to
dry, more particularly at this time of year when it is cold.