Update from 16th Feb. By Andy Royal and photos from Josh Brinsford.

A few brief loco updates, followed by some recent photos from Josh Brinsford.

Class 52 D1010: Trial startup of "A" engine went well last week and no unexpected issues were
encountered. This allows the loco to be moved under her own power when the time comes to move
her out of the shed and get her under the crane again.

Class 47 D1661: Further dismantling of the shutter assemblies took place  last week, so we are
getting nearer to having all four assemblies removed by crane. This should be possible in the next few

Class 33 D6566: The loco is expected to be utilised by the company for ballast train workings shortly.

Class 33 D6575: Various winter work is being progressed on the loco including the exhauster and anti
freeze/coolant mixture is being added back into the engine.

Class 14 D9526: The loco is receiving attention and routine maintenance during the winter downtime
period. This includes checking various key component parts, electrical machines, general lubricating
and greasing.

Some photos below from Josh showing the Hymeks and D6575 around Williton