Update from Saturday 14th July.
By Ian Robins, Julien Weston and Andy Royal. Also with photos by Tony Burford

D7017- Exciting visit news
D7017 will star along with “Warship” D832 at the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway’s “Heritage
Diesels Back to Broadway” event during 27-29 July, to celebrate the recent reopening of the extension
of the GWSR line to Broadway station. Attending from the DEPG in support of D7017 will be Martin
Howard Chairman and Chief Engineer Bob Clegg. We hope to see many of you there.
The loco
worked the brown timetable diesel diagram on Saturday as pictured below.

D1661 – The contract rust repairs continue.  Attention has now turned to the buffer beam areas and all the
ETH equipment has been removed for access.
It is possible the ETH equipment may not be re-fitted again initially to give the loco more of an original
appearance for a while.  The WSR has no immediate requirement for ETH.
Much cleaning of the engine room is taking place.  Whilst Thomas and new lad Ashley removed the rocker
covers for cleaning and painting, Ian supervised Will as he adjusted the tappets.  Always good to see the
younger members getting involved in loco maintenance.
Work on the roof has progressed well, but the amount of work to be done has expanded in the usual
way. The plan is for the loco to move to the Swindon shed so that an underframe exam can be
performed, and any issues arising from that can be dealt with. A return to service in the autumn is still a

D1010 – The loco has finally returned to Williton, towed back by D6566 on Saturday.  Space in the shed is
required before work to investigate the transmission failure can start in earnest so priority is being given to
finishing the present occupants, D7018 and D1661. The assessment of the damage that has affected the
transmission at number 2 end requires that the cooler group be removed, and this needs to be done when
the loco is under the crane, on number 3 road in WN shed. Therefore D1661 needs to move to the Swindon
shed so that number 3 road can be vacated. When the extent of the damage has been determined, the
necessary funding will need to arranged so that repairs can take place.

D6575 – Currently the WSR on-hire loco.

D6566 – During emptying of the bed plate drain tank on Saturday, it was apparent that a quantity of fuel had
been collected.  So on Sunday I
an had a look around and found an ermeto fitting in the fuel return line that
was leaking.  It necessitated the fitting having to be removed, cleaned and re-assembled but seems to have
cured the leak.

D7018-  There is quite a bit of work still to do. The loco needs to have the cabs reassembled (cab floor
replanked, desk panels refitted, ATC units repaired
and refitted, paintwork touched up as necessary), the
body needs to have its second coat of paint,
numbers refitted and transfers applied. The loco needs to have
a formal underframe exam and
complete its static testing. Finally, it needs to have a full line loaded test run.
The underframe exam and loaded test run
are unlikely to go ahead until after the high season timetable
finishes in September.

Below, top four photos from Julien Weston. D1010 was carefully towed back with one of shafts to the final
drive disconnected to help avoid risking further damage. D1010 is seen at Bishops Lydeard prior to
departure. Also included is a photo of the highly complex transmission arrangements.

Below that we have photos from Ian, see above report, including engine work on D1661 and also ermeto
coupling repairs on D6566.

Below that we have a selection of photos courtesy of Tony Burford from the recent Diesel Gala. If you are a
DEPG member, the next issue of the newsletter will be coming in the next few weeks and includes a number
of gala photos.