Update Saturday 14th November. By Ian Robins.

D1010 – A replacement for the cracked Turbocharger base has been found and it is planned to do the
change next weekend under the crane.

D832 – John Cooke has disconnected the multiple jumpers that were causing the electrical issues.

D7018 – Graham has completed fitting new rubber seals to the roof sections that go over the cooler
group and pre-heater bay.  These were then installed onto the loco on Sunday afternoon.

D6566 – Entry into the shed has been delayed by the need to get the roof sections ready for D7018.  
However, a test of the new seal in the water pump was performed by blanking off the outlet and filling with
water. This needs to be checked prior to re-fitting into the loco.
As of Sunday there was no water coming from the tell-tale pipe so looking good so far!
Painting inside the engine room is continuing and the cubicle and No.2 engine room door were tackled
this week.
Will look nice once the electrical conduits are also painted!

D9518 – Simon, Terry and the team are continuing restoration of the frames inside the Goods Shed.

D9526 – Colin and Terry continue building up the replacement engine (ex Class 74), further important
components fitted this weekend.