Update 17th March 2014. By Matt and Ian.

On Saturday 15th March we had our first running day. This was to facilitate a joint First Great
Western and Network Rail team building/training exercise on the section between Bishops Lydeard
and Norton Fitzwarren.

D1661 and D6575 were used to top “n” tail a coach for the train as part of the exercises which
involved putting down and taking possessions. Drivers Mike Harris and Graham Perry provided the
loco training ably assisted by Darren Hill. John Cronin was busy acting as the caterer for the event,
with Matt leading the practical training groups on the ground.

Meanwhile various work was in progress inside the shed.

The previous weekend Ian writes:-

D1010 - The loco went to BL on Saturday towing D1661 and D6575 as load and insurance!
Bob C and team were assisted by Richard Williams from the DTG to perform an underframe exam
on the loco and also greased the required parts.
It is understood that everything was found to be generally in order.
Unfortunately a burst coolant pipe on 'B' engine meant that the loco returned to Williton on one
engine towing just D6575, the 47 staying at BL.

D1661 - Neil also performed an underframe exam on the 47. One gearcase was topped up with
Motak grease.

D6575 - Not to be left out, I performed an underframe exam on the Crompton assisted by Cameron.
In fact the loco is still very clean underneath after almost two years usage, quite a contrast from
All the traction motor suspension bolts were checked for tightness and the suspension tube
reservoirs were checked and topped up with oil as necessary.
Only one gearcase, No.3, required any Motak.
The interiors of the Traction Motors were given a cursory examination and all are still quite clean.
All accessible brushes were checked as being free.
But on the way back Cameron noticed that the fault light was bright and this was found to be due to
the Earth Fault MCB having tripped at some point.
During shunting at WN when we got back, it was established that the MCB tripped every time that
power was taken.
Further investigation revealed that this was cleared by tripping the Generator Field MCB so a bit
On Sunday I investigated the cause and soon traced it to an earth fault in the Load Regulator
Resistance Bank.
Upon removing the covers, I found that at least one cable had chafed through to the case.
So by applying insulating tape to the damaged or suspect cables and providing some additional
insulating material between them and structure, the fault was cleared.
I also started the loco and confirmed that the Earth Fault MCBs remained engaged upon taking

D821 - A team from the DTG attended for the complete weekend and made good progress with the
engine repairs and attention to the paintwork.