Update from Saturday 14th February. By Ian Robins.

Various work on shed today:-

D1010 – Work continues in preparation for fitting of the replacement engine.  John Cooke and Neil have been
rewiring the engine controls, much easier to do whilst the engine is out of the loco. Inside the loco much cleaning
has been performed and an air receiver has been temporarily moved to allow a vacuum pipe to be relocated

D1661 – The overhauled fuel injectors have been delivered to Williton.  It is hoped to fit these in the next couple
of weeks and so the high pressure fuel pipes and injector extension pipes have been cleaned in preparation.  
The nuts on the latter were all checked for freeness and new O-rings were fitted.

D6566 – A further progress meeting was held at Cranmore on Sunday 15th February.  This revealed repairs to
the badly corroded and accident damaged No.2 cab to be well advanced and done to a very high standard.  
Similar to D6575, the marker lights are to be re-instated and the colour lens mechanisms have been freed.  One
of the engine room side doors was found to be beyond economic repair and a replacement has been fabricated.

D9518 – The loco was pulled out of the shed on Saturday so that Simon and the team could complete removal of
the badly corroded fasteners holding the cab to the frames.  Much oxy-acetylene and brute force won in the end!