Update from Easter Weekend. 19/4

Ian has provided an update on D6566 and D6575 from the Easter weekend.

D6566 was moved to BL on Thursday hauled by D6575.
On Friday, following a general underframe exam, some external cleaning was performed on the Traction
Motors, mainly No.1 & 2 which had the worst accumulation of “crud” and lesser amounts on No.3 & 4.
Leroy helped out for a couple of hours.The backs of the battery boxes and structure above have been
painted in anticipation of re-fitting the air tanks.On Saturday I was assisted by Will and we did a full Traction
Motor exam that included rotation of the brushgear and insulator cleaning.
A number of the brushes were stuck in the guides and required freeing.
One brush in No.4 TM was chipped so had to be replaced.
We couldn’t check the Motak levels in the gearcases as all the plugs are completely gummed up after over
four years since they were last taken out. A large socket will be required but didn’t have one to hand that day.
For now one cartridge full will be put into each gearcase and levels checked again when we next get the
opportunity to go over a pit and have the correct socket!

On Monday D6575 was again used to tow the loco back to base at Williton.