Update 8th August By Andy Royal

DEPOT NEWS: Another productive week at Williton resulted in progress on several projects, as below:

Yard: The weeds that had enjoyed their freedom while the rest of us were locked down were tackled by each volunteer putting an hour of effort into the clearance process, in turn. The before and after photos tell their story.
Yard before Weeding Yard post Weeding

Office: The office was cleaned out and tidied up, and preparations were made for extending the WiFi service into the main shed as a preparation for the forthcoming AGM.

D7018: Martin installed the "worm plate" and control block in the transmission after ensuring that all oilways were clear and unobstructed. This will allow a static test to be undertaken, hopefully this weekend.
D7018 Worm Plate
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D7018 Command Block
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D9518: Mark and Terry continued to work on the brake frame and Colin and Andy P made a start on the compressor overhaul.
D9518 Compressor
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47077: The fire extinguisher bottles were re-fitted and this allowed the progress of the interior paintwork within the former boiler room to be displayed to good effect.

Barclay 578 (ROF No.1): Long time members and volunteers Roy Jones and Andy Purse have announced that they are going to perform an external clean up and repaint on this little diesel-hydraulic with a view to smartening it up and arresting deterioration. This loco is a WSR asset, not a DEPG asset, but as long as it is with us, it deserves to be protected so well done guys.

WSRTV: This week, WSR Safety and Compliance Director Martin Brown provides an insight into the work that is being done to maintain the railway and to prepare for the eventual re-opening. The video can be found on the WSRTV channel:  Follow this link to watch

DEPG NEWS: The DEPG response to the Bailey Report has now been released - you can download our full response document here. We will also include this statement in the forthcoming "emergency" newsletter which is "in the works" at this moment. We expect to issue the newsletter during the next two weeks.