Update 15th August By Andy Royal

D6575: New resistors were fitted to the field divert control system on Saturday to replace some life-expired parts. The loco was put through a full AWS test on the Sunday and passed with flying colours. The AWS had been reinstated over the winter period, so well done Ian, John and Tom!

D7018: The engine was started so that the gear selection of the transmission could be exercised. Unfortunately, it did not work properly, so it was dismantled again during the following Tuesday, for further attention.

D7017: Work is underway to assess a set of old Hymek bogie springs to see if they are fit for further service. The work involves soaking the springs in used oil before cleaning them up and performing a physical inspection. If they appear to be OK, they will be sent out for testing.

D9518: The worn-out horn guides were removed so that they could be sent out for specialised repair. The photos (provided by Martin) show the extent of the wear.
D9518 Axlebox Hornguide D9518 Hornguide after removal
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D9518 Hornguides Removed D9518 Hornguide wear damage
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OTHER: This weekend, there are also bodywork tasks lined up for D1010 and 47077 in addition to the usual projects, so there is never a dull moment.

DEPG NEWS: The newsletter was completed last week and has now moved to the printing and distribution phase. The newsletter will be mailed out to all registered DEPG members, so if you are not a member, all you need to do is sign up and then we will gladly provide you with the newsletter as well ! The membership form is available from our website (it needs a bit of an update) and here is the link:  Download our D&EPG membership form and join up!