Update 22nd August By Andy Royal

D6575: Having progressed all of the tasks relating to returning the loco to service, attention shifted to another essential item of equipment - the cooker! The 'Cromptons' were fitted with combination electric hotplates and ovens that occupied a space behind one of the radiators and just above one of the exhausters. The attached photos have been provided by Ian and show the installation. It is perfect for pasties and is a great venue for a socially distanced hot lunch!

D6575 Electric Cooker
D6575 Electric Cooker -  Click to view full size image

D6575 Exhauster and Cooker
Cooker location above exhauster -  Click to view full size image

D7018: The transmission control block has been investigated further and the two valves that are suspected of being stuck, V4 and V24, have both been confirmed as being OK. Another valve, V7, in the same control line could also be responsible for the trouble, but is much more difficult to access, so work continues.

D7017: The first of the bogie springs to undergo the oil soak treatment is due to be lifted out today and another spring placed into the oil drum in its place. Cleaning up these springs after an oil soak does not sound like a fun job but someone has to do it.

D1661 "North Star" (47077): Work continues on the internal cleaning and painting, with a significant difference being made every week. We also expect to re-start work on the cooler group shutters in the next week or two.

DEPG NEWS: The newsletter was sent out last week so all members should have received it by now. The same mailing included the statutory notices for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the DEPG that has been set for the afternoon of Saturday September 19th 2020. Attendance will be controlled at Williton.

If you are not yet a member, now would be a great time to join. The membership form is available from our website (it needs a bit of an update) and here is the link: Click to download our membership form and join up!