Update 29th August By Andy Royal

D1010: Work has begun to remove the heavily corroded valances around the buffer beams for repair or replacement. We will cover this in more detail next week.

D6566: This loco is fully functional and is ready to go into action if called upon, subject to inspection.

D6575: The engine was started up to maintain condition and the auxiliary machines were run up as part of the process. This provided an opportunity to test the newly installed cooker and Ian tells me that the pan of water did indeed get boiled - but he didn't go as far as make a fresh brew and cook up a pan of bacon and eggs! Also last weekend, the last item on the worklist was completed - a door hinge on the secondman's side was replaced at No. 2 end. This loco is now ready for service following winter maintenance, subject to inspection. Well done Team Crompton !

D7017: The bogie spring reclamation project has moved along and the first spring will now be subjected to testing to assess its suitability for further service. The Maybach MD870 engine has been started up for the first time since last winter and the sound was sweet indeed. A short video has been provided by Martin and is best watched with the volume turned up high. Here's the link:  DEPG Twitter Account

D7018: As reported last week, work continues on the transmission and this loco will remain in the shed on No. 2 road and is not to be moved or started until that work has been completed.

D9518: Good progress is being made on this loco as can be seen from the attached photos that have been provided by Martin. The corroded electrical junction box has been repaired and is now ready for painting. The compressor is being stripped down so that a full inspection can be undertaken and repairs arranged as necessary. The air receiver support frame is one of many items that needs attention on this loco.

D9518 Air Receiver Support Frame D9518 compressor
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D9518 Electrical repairs 1 D9518 Electrical repairs 2
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D9526: This loco needs to be positioned over a pit so that the last remaining items of the 250 hour inspection can be completed - but this will have to wait until the WSR re-opens - and this loco will then be available for service.

D1661 "North Star" (47077): Work continues on the internal cleaning and painting, and the attached photo (provided by Martin) shows the progress. Previously, the only colours visible in the engine room were light black and dark black! D1661 Engine Room
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