Update Saturday 18th July. By Ian Robins and Matt Cambourne.

On Saturday 18th we had two locos out in traffic.

D6575 was operating the Diesel Driver Experience Course with Drivers Neil and Matt taking three budding
drivers through their paces.

D7017 was in use on the diesel diagram performing well.

On shed, work was progressed on the locos, further updates to follow.

Ian writes:-

D6566 – Recent work has been mainly concerned with the forthcoming engine re-assembly.
On Saturday 11th July the two overhauled Sulzer cylinder heads acquired from Romania were assembled
with help from John Cooke.
These were transported in “kit form” to aid packing and the valves, springs and studs therefore had to be
fitted into the main casting.
It is intended to use these heads as part of the installation.
On Saturday 18th I manufactured some gaskets for the blanking plates that Bob C had made to blank off the
engine block pipe work and fitted the plates in position. Then with help from Leroy and new lad Ollie the
crank case doors were removed and a hose pipe was connected.
Initially the block was filled with water up to about half way and the bottom of the liners were monitored for
any leakage.
After a couple of hours no leakage was evident so the block was filled up as much as was practically possible
without the cylinder heads being fitted and left if for another couple of hours.
There was still no evidence of any leakage after this period so having discussed things with Bob it was
decided to drain the water back along the same hosepipe to the outside world.
In practice there is still a small amount of water left in the block as it is impossible to drain it completely with
the pipe arrangements as they stand so fingers crossed it will stay in there!
But very encouraging so far although this is of course a risk reduction exercise.

D6575 – The loco successfully worked the DDEC on Saturday with no faults being reported.
However, when Mike H moved the loco back into the South Yard at the end of the day he had problems with
dragging brakes, around 10lb of bogie brake not being able to be released.
So on Sunday I investigated the problem and found the driver’s FD1 Straight Air Brake Valve in No.1 cab
was blowing by. Luckily we had a good spare valve in store and once fitted the brakes behaved normally.
Rather annoying though as it was one of the valves overhauled by Wabtec in 2012 but unfortunately the
warranty ran out two years ago! I dismantled the errant valve on the bench and the only potential defect I
could find was that the diaphragm may have slipped out of its collar but couldn’t be 100% sure.