Update from Saturday 19th March. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

Correction to last update- the broken head stud was on D6566 not D6575 as stated!

Terry writes:-
Saturday saw progress on the replacement Paxman engine for D9526 when Colin and Terry fitted "A"
bank liners and cylinder heads. First pictures below show this work.

Update on D6575 and D6566 from Ian:-
D6566 – Following acquisition of the new cylinder head studs, Bob C drilled out the remains of the old
damaged thread and fitted a 7/8” BSP “Helicoil” type thread insert.
This is one of the approved repair methods defined in the official BR schedule that we have worked to
and enables a standard size stud to be used. Following this, No.8 head was lifted back into position and  
the nuts on all studs including the new one were progressively brought up to the required 750lb-ft torque.

A bit of a nail biter, but everything seems to have held together!  The rocker assemblies were then fitted
to No. 7 and 8 heads and the valve tappet clearances set to the required gap.  Hopefully things can now
move on again with the engine re-build.

D6575 – Due to recent starting difficulties, a new battery set originally ordered for D6566 was installed
on Saturday together with a new set of connection leads manufactured from 70mm^2 welding cable.

The battery cells removed will be returned to the original supplier for refurbishment as they are only four
years old and then fitted to D6566 on their return.

The new shaft has arrived for fitting, pictured at the very bottom.

Some pictures below of the engine for D9526 (first two) followed by work on D6566 engine, new batteries
for D6575, and broken stud in D6566. Final photo is of old and new shafts for D7018.