Update 22/3/18        By Graham Perry and Simon Purvis.

Update from last weekend courtesy of Graham and Simon.

Work continues on the new battery storage box and changes to the electrics in the area where D7017's
boiler water tank used to sit.  Neil finished off retagging the main power cables to the BIS (battery
isolating switch) on saturday. They were then tested and found to be ok.
The pre-heater was started to test the refurbished pre-heater water pump.

Clean and repaint for the old boiler room and serck tank and all pipework was also carried out.

Due to the very cold weather not much paint was applied but did manage to get the yellow ends done.
The window surrounds were cleaned up and are now in undercoat. Paul has made the new wooden floor
for "B" end cab the desk frame was stripped back to metal and is now in primer. Pete Smith was busy
cleaning the Electrical cubicle in "A".

Saturday saw the loco moved outside so the center steps and trailing shunter's steps could be removed.
The tapered pins securing the crank pin nuts were also driven out and the nuts loosened ready for the
removal of the side rods.  The loco chassis is ready to make her way to restorations at the next
convenient opportunity. Dave Hammond is still battling to replace the sound deadening trays under the
cab floor and is making a good job of this. Photos by Terry
Warren and Leroy removing the center steps and a view of the frames ready to be pulled out of the
goods shed.