Update from Saturday 17th September. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.
Also with photos from Ian McDonald

Ian has provided the following update:-

D7017 – Now back from the Mid Norfolk Railway Diesel Gala. A suspect cylinder head fault has been found that will
unfortunately prevent it from working its allocated turn on
Saturday 24th September.  D1010 is to deputise.

D1661 – Neil has been working up at roof level investigating a long stand
ing problem with the radiator shutter

D6566 – Jeff and Tyrone from Cranmore Traincare & Maintenance Services paid a visit to Williton on Saturday to
resolve a problem with the new bedplate drain tank.  Bob C has set up a temporary fuel supply so a test starting of
the engine can be performed, hopefully in a couple of weeks time.  Meantime Will and me have been working on the
air receivers.  The Main and Control Res bundle has been built up into its cradle and awaits fitting to the loco.  

The two Auxiliary Brake Reservoirs are also in the process of being painted prior to fitting.

D6575 – The loco operated the first DDEC of the Autumn season on Saturday.  Unfortunately a misunderstanding
resulted in the engine overspeed trip being activated when restarting the loco at Minehead the previous Sunday.  
Although it was successfully reset it was then too late to work the return working which was cancelled.  Measures
are being put in place to try and prevent a re-occurrence.

Terry has provided an update on Class 14 D9526, the winter maintenance programme has commenced.

Simon assisted by Mike Evans removed 9526 side rods on Saturday ,to allow for re
-metalling by West Somerset
Here are some pictures after removal from 9526 showing shots of side rods,drive pins and journals
ready for attention.

Top photos from Ian, followed by some from Terry. Ian McDonald has then kindly provided a series of photos
of D7017 from the Mid-Norfolk visit.