Update from Saturday 19th November. By Ian Robins.

A good time for winter jobs to be progressed on the locos!

D7017- has recently had a cylinder head change following a crack from the running season. This is the first
engine work on the loco that has been required for some years now.

D1010 – Gordon and Leroy have changed one of the vacuum exhausters which had been giving problems.  
Also, one of the engine rocker covers has been refitted.

D6566 - Will has now finished painting the engine room wall down the inlet side thus meeting up with the
sections done last year.
So he is now continuing from where work left off on the exhaust side!
New boy Ross has been painting the Traction Motor Blower, a job started by Thomas the week before.
A previously noted lighting anomaly in No.2 cab was investigated and it was found there is a missing negative
from the roof lamp sockets back to the underfloor terminal block so this will either need to be found or a
replacement provided.
However the headcode lights and front headlight work!
But a quick check at No.1 end revealed that none of the lighting currently works and selecting the headlight
on causes the circuit breaker to trip so further investigation is required.
On Sunday the bolts holding the leather turbo bellows to the air box were fitted and proved to be just as
troublesome as when the same job was performed on D6575 some years ago!
Andy P has tested a slack adjuster rebuilt some time ago and fitted a new boot.

D6575 – The loco has spent the last couple of weeks out on the down platform road at Williton as
replacement of point timbers meant it was unable to get back into the yard and, of course, those locos in the
yard were unable to get out!
It has been used in conjunction with the re-signalling activities around the site.
The leaking Oil Priming Pump hoses have recently been replaced and once it can get back into the yard it is
proposed to perform an oil change.