Update from Saturday 21st May. By Matt Cambourne.

The engine for D9526 continues to make good progress. In the top two photos two of the
the team pictured fitting sealing rinks to the top of the cylinders on one bank of the
engine. On the bank of the engine the heads have now been fitted, seen in picture below.

Meanwhile the impressive body work patch repairs to D7018 continue. The B end has now
been patched and painted over. The A end of the loco is in progress including the work
around the area below the headcode box which is a particular catcher of water and hence
rust trap.

The frames of D9518 are being progressed well inside the Old Goods Shed with several
of the team working on that yesterday.

D7017 was started up today to nip up a minor coolant leak on the loco, it is pictured
outside during a pause to the rain along with D1010.