Update 23rd June. By Ian Robins with photos from a variety of sources.

On Saturday the council and AGM was held at Williton.

D6566 returned from Cranmore on Thursday 18th June and was towed up to WN on Sunday 21st.
Hymek D7017 was used as the tow loco.Main reason that sister loco D6575 was not used for this
purpose was that it was located at BL and the brake van was at WN.

The latter was required because as the air system is broken down there was no braking on the Crompton.
The loco has been stored in the painting bay in the Swindon Shed for the moment.
But a major shunt is planned for next Saturday evening when it should be moved into final position half
way down No.5 road under the overhead travelling crane.
Could be useful!

We understand today, 23rd June, D1010's replacement engine was started up at Williton successfully.
Photos below from Ian, showing D6566 returning!
Photos below from Terry showing  DH16 outside the Tarmac shed at Williton having had a full
paint job,
DH16 outside the old Sentinel Factory now Caterpillar Engine Remanufacturing plant, after she
was despatched into service 51 years ago,to show for a family and friends open
Some excellent photos below from Glyn Warren from the Mixed Traffic Weekend and also
D7017 out on the 20th June.