Update from Saturday 19th September. By Ian Robins.
Plus a collection of photos from Martin Howard.

D6566 – The wiring to the Engine Terminal Bar from the Control Cubicle is being renewed, modern ‘Polyrad’
replacing the original rubber insulated cable.  Nine cables are involved, one of the originals having suffered an
earth fault shortly before the loco was withdrawn for overhaul which would intermittently prevent power being
taken.  A temporary wire having been run around the engine room to by-pass the defective one.

D7018 – Work continues on refurbishing the roof panels.  This includes re-skinning of the panels where
necessary and replacement of the rubber sealing strips around the edges.
The cooling system has been filled and the pre-heater run.  Reports suggest no leaks which is very
The new batteries have arrived and will shortly be connected up and an engine start attempted.

D9518 – Work continues apace in the goods shed with the loco basically stripped to its frames and the
transmission being almost ready to be lifted out.  The “small loco” team have also been busy painting the
various removed components plus the frames and exterior of the cab.  

Some photos below from Ian include the Camra Beer Festival event which took place.
Martin Howard has sent in some photos from the Summer:-
D7017 and D7018 side by side at Williton.
D7017 in the sun at Crowcombe.
Hydraulic line up at Williton
D832's stripped down bogie during spring repairs back in June.