Bumper Work Report Update- Friday 24th April by Ian and Terry.

There has been some good developments in the last couple of weeks and good progress made.

Saturday 18th April.

On the Saturday we ran the fourth annual Team Building/Training day for planners from First Great
Western and Network Rail. Both the Class 47 D1661 and D6575 were used for hauling the train used in
the activities.

That weekend we also had D832 up at Barrow Hill on display, see below for some of the details of the
prep for that event.

D1010 – Mark has finished welding in the new plate that replaces a badly corroded area and Leroy has
been sanding it all down.

D7018 – When the roof section covering the engine area was offered into position, it was found that one
of the exhaust outlets did not line up with the original hole.  Therefore, Bob C has cut out the area
around the offending hole and will be welding in a new section to suit.

D9526 – Terry and Colin installed the crankshaft into the Paxman engine that will replace the one
currently fitted in due course.

D6575 – Following changing the fuel injectors last month, it has been apparent that there was excessive
leak off from No.1 injector, this could be seen in the clear plastic pipe leading back to the fuel tank.
So having sought advice from Kev Cook (who has overhauled the engine components from D6566)
during the week and with the loco not required on Sunday, I performed an investigation.
Kev had suggested that as the injector was an overhauled unit the most likely scenario was a leak
around the seal between the injector high pressure extension pipe and the injector body.
Sure enough, having removed the injector extension pipe it was immediately obvious that there was
damage to the sealing washer.
This can just about be seen in the picture.
Then looking down inside the injector body I could see some form of foreign object.
I fished that out and it looks for all the world to be a very squashed staple!
That shows up quite well in the picture but how it got in during assembly is anybody’s guess.
So I replaced the injector extension pipe with a spare, connected everything back up and started the
Everything now looks fine and there was no visible leak off.
That cylinder can’t have been running properly though as some of the injected fuel would just have been
going straight back to the tank.

Saturday 11/4

A convoy of locos consisting of D7017, D9526 and D832 went to Bishops Lydeard on Saturday for
examination and servicing using the pit there.

D832 was being made ready for it’s visit to the Diesel Rarities event at Barrow Hill Roundhouse over the
weekend of 18th & 19th April. It was noted heading North up the M5 on a low loader on Tuesday 14th.

D6566 – Work continues apace at Cranmore, top coat and the central line now being applied over parts
of the body side. Back at Williton Tony T-B applied a second coat of white paint to the air system drain
pipework and valves.

D6575 – The loco worked the first DDEC of the season on Saturday, a set of coaches being used on this
occasion rather than the vintage goods train usually employed.  However, a goods brake van was
attached to the back of the rake to move it from Minehead to BL.
Photos from Saturday 11th April including a mixture by Terry and Ian.

D6566 is seen at Cranmore with some the extensive corrosion being tackled.  
Photos from Saturday 18th April by Ian including the foreign object, work on
D1010, D7018's roof panel and the locos for the FGW/NR Training day.