Update from Saturday 25th Feb. By Ian Robins.

D9526 - Preparatory work continues ahead of the forthcoming engine change. Two refurbished Class 14
110V DC generators are ready to be collected from Bowers Electricals. One will be fitted into D9526 and the
other into D9518.

D7018 - The engine was started a number of times on Saturday so as Bob could perform some adjustments
and set up the governor. Nothing beats the sound of a Maybach MD870 running inside the shed so hopefully
it impressed a number of visiting steam crews that were passing through!  Graham is currently painting the
roof section that fits over the engine.

D6566 - The sloppy brake block holder with its associated pins and bushes has been refurbished by WS
Restoration. After some initial problems the previous weekend further work was performed during last week
and on Saturday Will assisted me to refit the holder and the brake rigging complete with slack adjuster.  The
result, a well aligned and steady block holder so we'll call that a job! There is one other block holder that is
borderline for attention and awaits a decision but other than that the remaining brake gear looks to be
acceptable.  Will and Ross have made good progress inside the engine room, painting of the generator
group in Rail Grey is now almost complete. Will also removed the compressor covers and following cleaning
has applied a coat of high temperature aluminium paint.  The previous weekend Ross and I had used the
steam cleaner to perform some test cleaning of the accumulated debris inside and above No.1 bogie.  This is
the most heavily contaminated area of the loco and some preparatory work had already been performed.
The results proved to be most effective and although some points will need to be revisited it is now intended
to use this method to clean the remaining underframe areas and No.2 bogie.  With this in mind and having
demonstrated a practical means of attending to worn brake work components, it is now hoped that the need
to lift the loco off its bogies can be avoided.  On Sunday Andy P attempted to fit the new flexible hoses to the
oil priming pump.  The top (outlet) one went in ok with a bit of persuasion but the lower (suction) one proved
to be about one inch too short and will have to be modified. Curiously they were both made the same length
based on the old pipes removed from D6575 so just proves no two locos are built the same! Whilst Andy was
doing that job I attempted to free the last retaining nuts of the three leaking radiator elements.  Of the twelve
off concerned nine of either the nuts or studs were extracted intact but unfortunately three of the studs
sheared and so the remains will have to be extracted and replaced once the elements are out.

D6575 - Seems to have disappeared somewhere! But in fact it is being used by the WSR on per way duties
particularly with the ballasting of re-laid track at Minehead.