Update from Saturday 22nd April. By Ian Robins and Graham Perry.

A busy Saturday as Ian reports

D1010 – Leroy has been busy polishing the loco ready for its appearance on the first of the Maybach
Memories services on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May.  See Loco running Dates.

D7018 – Martin has performed some welding repairs to the panel below ‘B’ cab right hand door and re-
fitted it to the loco.  Neil reconnected the underfloor cables just inside the door and protected them with
flexible conduit. Graham is making good progress rubbing down the bodywork and painting in grey

D6566 – On Saturday afternoon the loco was moved onto the concrete area and with Leroy and Darren’
s help we managed to get the air tanks loosely suspended by the end of play.
On Sunday Andy P assisted and we got them all bolted up into position and the large pipes fitted.
The large pipe on the back of the tanks proved to be a challenge as it had been slightly bent but it
surrendered in the end! So just the drain pipes an blowdowns to fit on the bottom of the tanks and the
air system will be basically complete. Fuel Tank next!

Below the first four photos are from Graham and show the progress on D7018 ready for full repaint.
Below those Ian has sent in four showing the air tanks on D6566 and also D7018.