Update from Saturday 26th November. By Jon Tooke.

D6575 was undergoing an oil change by a team led by Ian and some 210 litres of old engine oil was
pumped out into the recycling container.  An ingenious device of pumping the old oil was fashioned using
the oil priming side of the class 33 engines triple pump.  Once all the old oil was out and following a bit of a
clean and a tidy up, the new oil was pumped back into the engine but this time using a pump from
outside of the loco.

D1010 was receiving attention from the team Leroy and Gordon to the timing and the valve measurements.
Hopefully if all is well a test start up is planned for next weekend.

D7018 still has the attention of the body work team with a few other minor problems being dealt with at the
same time as part of the general overhaul.

D7017 was given a test start up to check the repair to the recent cylinder head change with Bob C in
charge of things.

D9518 is still a long way off from being an operational loco again, but Terry and the team continue with the
rebuilding of the class 14 engines 6500/5-6 is progressing well. Big Dave is progressing well with the body
work dismantling. Many external parts have been deep cleaned and are receiving their new top coats of
paint in the appropriate colours  from Colin and Jon.  The fuel gallery is being painted Salmon Pink and the
four fuel filters covers were next into the cleaning tank for their deep clean.

At this time of year, many infrastructure tasks are underway and Graham and
Darren, are well on the way to completion with the new oil storage area
inside the shed.