Bumper Update- 27th May. By Ian and Dave Hammond.

The last couple of weeks before the June Mixed Traffic Weekend have seen various prep take
place. We have also now kicked off our main running season.
Some updated below from Ian and Dave.

Update 26/5 By Ian

D6566 - Advantage was taken of the generally good weather over the bank holiday weekend to
tackle painting of the fuel tank, one of the major components that did not go away with the loco.
Tony T-B assisted with the work on Saturday and young Thomas on Sunday.
But the result at the end of Monday was the top and two sides (as seen) in black gloss and the
other two sides in undercoat.
The remaining two sides will get a coat of black next weekend (weather permitting) and the top
and one other side will get a second coat of black.
The two outer faces will receive a top coat once the tank has been fitted to the loco as we are
bound to get some scratches on it during installation.
Pipes and vents will also be dealt with.
Work at Cranmore is now nearing completion and a visit with the owner is planned for 14th June
to hopefully sign things off. Movement back to the WSR should occur soon afterwards.
You would think that CTMS had seen enough of Class 33s having done two locos for us but they
are now considering doing a similar job on a third one for another customer!

D832 – The Warship was out on the booked diesel turn on Saturday but definitely not over-taxed
with only three coaches in tow!

However, an electrical problem has become apparent that needs to be rectified prior to the gala
so D7017 will deputise for it next Saturday thus allowing it to be worked on at WN.

D7018 – Graham has been sanding down the roof section that goes over the engine ready for
painting. The loco was moved out of the shed into the sunshine to give more light to those
working on plumbing-up activities inside the engine room.

Update 18/5 By Ian.

D7017 – The loco hauled a charter train formed of the Quantock Belle dining set on Saturday to
celebrate the 40th Wedding Anniversary of DEPG founder member John Crane and his wife
Margaret.  A number of group stalwarts and other guests were present on the train.
The story goes that John submitted the BR tender form bidding for D7017 just before he got
married and when he got home from honeymoon the letter accepting the offer was there waiting
for him!

D1661 – The loco worked the normal Saturday turn with a mighty load of three coaches!

D1010 – Following installation of the replacement engine, work proceeds to connect everything

D832 – John Cooke and Neil investigated an electrical problem finally tracing it to a defective

D6575 – The loco worked the the 11:05 ex BL on Sunday with the DMU taking over for the return
working.  It was parked on the turntable and the crew even took the trouble to turn it!

D9518 Update. Photos from Dave Hammond

The loco recently had its cab removed as the pictures below show. A crane was brought in
earlier in May to do the lift as well as put the engine back in D1010. As it can now be seen the
loco is basically a bare frame.