Update from Saturday 27th August. By Terry Deacon, Graham Perry and Ian Robins.

Work on the engine for D9526 continues to be progressed.
We now have fitted both fuel pump units, oil filler/dip stick side plate and some oil pipes in the sump as
pictured below.

On D7018 work is progressing well on the re-paint. Filling and sanding of "B" end cab is now complete so
ready to start building up paint layers.
Front and 2nd man side "A" end is complete still some filling left
drivers side.
 Both body side grill areas of new metal also complete for painting.

Meanwhile Ian has provided an update on the Cromptons.

D6566 – The loco has now been moved back inside the shed and Will and me have made progress in a
number of areas.
On Saturday some more of the fuel gallery area cleaned and the two drip trays have been
fitted on the end of the engine.
 With the fuel injectors now installed we are waiting for some noise!
Attention has also turned to the five underslung air tanks incorporating the Main and Control Reservoirs.
The three smaller ones have now had two coats of white gloss applied and the two larger ones have had a
single coat so far.
Once they have all had two coats we can then start building them up into the cradle
ready to fit to the loco.

D6575 – The loco performed it’s booked turn on Sunday 21st August and was then used on a couple of
days during the following week to deputise for the WSR DMU that was unavailable.
 A leaking coolant hose
is due to be changed ASAP.
Andy P has dismantled and repaired the automatic brake slack adjuster that
was found to be seized during the last round of brake block changing.
It now just needs to be tested and
fitted with a new boot to be available for further service.
Andy is also planning to overhaul the spare slack
adjuster brought back from Swanage in March.