Update 27/9/18.  By Andy Royal with photos from Josh Brinsford.

Just a brief update this week on a few projects from Andy.
Josh has sent in an excellent selection of photos from the 1940's weekend a couple of weekends ago.

Class 52 D1010: Now on No 3 road in WN shed, ready to be positioned under the 10-tonne crane to have
the cooler group lifted out, to allow subsequent access to the transmission.

Class 47 D1661: Now in the Swindon shed for external re-paint, the internal cleaning and painting tasks still
need to be done.

Class 33 D6566: Was booked to work the Diesel Experience Course last Saturday with Martin and Neil in

Class 33 D6575: On shed at WN with a list of tasks still to be done, but she needs to remain operational as
the standby while D6566 is out working.

Class 35 D7017: Scheduled to work the 1115 from BL and the corresponding 80-mile diagram last weekend,
crewed by Graham and Cameron.

Class 35 D7018: Progressing towards test readiness, but several tasks remain to be completed.

Class 14 D9518: Now in the Swindon shed, being prepared for the chassis lift, so that the guides can be

Class 14 D9526: Now in the Old Goods Shed, fully serviceable and available for use.